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District and school administrators can take charge of technology management without becoming technophiles, or learning every new buzz word.

Information Technology is not simple, and it changes often. However, the principles of its leadership and management are not difficult to grasp. And they don't depend on learning every new acronym. In fact, Joe Makley believes that in a brief presentation, it is possible for a "lay administrator" to learn the basic concepts of I.T. administration for the K-12 environment. Joe has worked in technology rich classroom environments since 1988.  He has been a teacher, administrator, technology director, curriculum director, and frequent presenter on a range of issues related to technology leadership.  Joe spends his days in the public schools of western Maine, but can occasionally be booked for a presentation, keynote or panel. Please email or call for more information.

Joe Makley, Educational Technology Consultant... 207-674-3769 email: 7steps@pioneerstreet.com